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lying down
I haven't slept in two days. I lie down and try and get some sleep, but everytime I hear a noise, I sit up again, alert, and then I can't get back to sleep, so I pace the room, or draw, or listen to music. So maybe it's just me being delusional or paranoid that I'm seeing danger everywhere.

The guy in reception at the hotel has the build of a Shadow. I keep thinking I hear cars screeching away. I'm even too scared to eat at the truck stop nearby just in case our foods been tampered with or something.

Maybe if we moved again I'd get some peace of mind. I'm sorry I can't be any help with Lauren, but Bree if you find out anything when you meet up with this....person (if you insist on going), let me know if you need help.

Weird as it sounds, I miss pretending to be dead.

x G
So as Taylor said, we're on the run. Again. I can't say where we're staying, because I don't know who's reading this, but just so you know, we're both alive and as safe as possible at the moment.

Ananda, your dad, or a person saying he's your dad is looking for you. I'd say stay inside, he's handing out flyers with your face on them, and I don't want anyone seeing you and reporting it to the police. It's all I can suggest being so far away.

Still no word from Jonas on our end, but we keep trying. Sarah and Daniel are AWOL too, but we'll let you know if we find out anything important.
So...I guess there's no point in me lying on this blog anymore.

I'm Gina Hart, I'm alive, and you don't have to worry about Bree, because she's here with me. She's pretty scratched up, but I'll leave it up to her to tell you anything about where she's been, or what's happened.

Jonas, Daniel, Emma...anyone out there. I know you must pretty much hate me right now for lying, but I really need your help. When we were at Bree's place, we came across a girl who Bree knew from camp...Ananda. She's completely Hymn of One brainwashed. We tried to tell her what we knew, and she completely freaked out. When she found out Bree was lonelygirl15, she nearly kicked my front door down, and then ran and hid under my bed.

I need to fill Bree in on everything as well, and I can't do it all alone.

Hell, I don't even know if any of you are who you say you are. But that's how desperate I am.
....My sister is alive.

They aren't words I can really get my head around, but my sister, who everyone was so certain was dead, is alive.


I don't talk about my family here for...various reasons. But I just had to post this because I'm so torn about what I should do. She needs my help. That's what I'm supposed to do, right? Help my little sister? But going to help her could get me back into a life I swore I'd never go back to.

All I can do is sit, watch, wait.
31st-Dec-2008 06:13 am - "Nothing changes on new year's day"
lying down
I get a bad feeling about 2009. I don't know why, but just the thought of there being a new year kind of fills me with dread. Like as soon as I get to it, I'll want to go back to the semi-simplicity of 2008.

I generally say things without thinking. In that respect, this blog is probably not a good idea.
I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I didn't really get a chance to celebrate it properly, I just stayed at home by myself, but it was nice to see all the lights on my street lit up and everyone's family coming and going. I don't really have any family, and I'm not in contact with my friends. New Years will probably be the same, but I don't mind, I'm used to being on my own. :)

I already got my gift to myself, but I hope everyone else got what they wanted.

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I felt like treating myself today, so I got myself a ticket to go see Billy Joel and Elton John in concert. Kind of like a Christmas present to myself. Just to remind me of when I snuck out when I was younger to go and see them.

I know it's risky, but being confined by these four walls is just reminding me of hospital. I'm starting to get cabin fever really badly.

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me and my sister
So, an interesting fact about me.

Did you know I got shot? I was trying to protect a friend, so I took a bullet for them. It hit my shoulder, and I was knocked out for a while. Yes, it hurt. A lot.

I like my new place. It's...homely. A little drafty, but it'll do. I wasn't planning on writing a blog, but I guess I'm just drawn to talking about myself, huh? How narcissistic is that?

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